Vancouver police investigating violent confrontations at trans rights rally

Apr 2 2023, 6:49 pm

Vancouver police is investigating the violent confrontations that broke out Friday at a rally marking the International Transgender Day of Visibility. 

Vancouver Police Department (VPD) explain that it believes at least two people were assaulted after demonstrators confronted a group of 75 to 100 counter-protesters inside Grandview Park.

VPD is also sharing clips from video and screenshot images which were shared by a victim online. Police said it hopes the photos and videos will spark more witnesses to come forward with information.

One video police shared shows a verbal confrontation between transgender rights demonstrators and counter-protesters before a pairs starts to push each other. As police standing behind the pair start to step in, one person seems to pull another person, which results in them falling to the ground. 


VPD screenshot

Another video shows a group yelling, “Go home,” before one person seemingly shoves another person to the ground. 


VPD screensho

“Detectives from VPD’s Robbery, Assault, and Arson Unit have been assigned to conduct a full investigation, which will include a review of bystander video, eyewitness accounts, and victim statements,” police say in a statement.

“The investigation will consider all of the circumstances surrounding the incidents.”

Police say it’s reached out to a victim who shared video of the assault online to meet with detectives to provide a statement and video footage from the incident. 

This incident follows tensions in the US as visibility and Republican lawmakers look to particularly restrict trans people’s rights and care.

If you are a witness of Friday’s incident in Vancouver and have not spoken to police about this incident or have bystander video “that may show different perspectives of what occurred,” police are urging you to call them at 604-717-2541.

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