Metro Vancouver smashes gas price record again as folks fill $2.419 per litre

Sep 30 2022, 6:26 pm

Steadily rising gas prices have resulted in yet another day of smashing a record that no one in Metro Vancouver wants to break in the first place. 

On Friday, the region again shattered an all-time North American record for gas prices after folks paid $2.419 per litre of regular. 

At the start of this week, drivers said they filled up on $2.339 per litre of regular, which was just a few cents short of the then all-time record for the region, set in June at $2.369 per litre.

But on Thursday, stations across the region saw the price at the pump reach $2.399.

Meanwhile, out east, Torontonians are paying significantly less for fuel. 

According to Gas Wizard, gas in Toronto is priced at $1.569 per litre for regular. That is a whopping 83 cents less.

So Vancouverites are paying about $40 more for a 50-litre fill-up. 

Earlier this week, Paul Pasco, principal consultant with¬†Kalibrate, explained these painfully high prices in the Lower Mainland are because of a “perfect storm of a down refinery, ethanol outlooks gloominess and a potential rail strike” in the US.¬†

The Lower Mainland supply chain is directly linked to the western US states in terms of prices. 

So, much like Vancouver, Washington and California gas prices are also high. 

Pasco added many analysts believe the demand is above normal levels since people have returned to the office and school.

When it comes to the near future, Pasco said he expects some prices to dip, but consumers shouldn’t celebrate too much.¬†

He warned the relief might not be as much as people want to see. 

Heading into the weekend, Gas Wizard has predicted a slight dip in the region’s prices on Friday.

Prices are expected to drop back down to $2.399. 

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