10 Vancouver meal prep and delivery services

Jan 10 2017, 4:21 am

Many of us love cooking and eating at home, but sometimes it’s difficult to plan ahead and make the meals we really want and need.

This never-ending time-crunch can cause us to eat at odd times, or simply just eat unhealthy quick meals that aren’t entirely satisfying.

A solution to this situation has arrived in recent years in the form of food prep and delivery services – and YVR has quite a few.

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These services take the recipe-finding, grocery shopping, and food preparation out of the equation, leaving you to do the tasks you purely enjoy – cook, and eat in the comfort of your home. Some of them even take care of the cooking and cleaning for you.

Here are nine healthy meal prep and delivery services you can order from in Vancouver.


CHOMP offers customized vegan meal plans that don’t suck and they deliver them right to your door. CHOMP’s meal service starts with a consultation with their in-house nutritionist, and then you choose your desired type and number of meals from the service’s Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Saturday menus. Check out the menus and details for CHOMP’s meal delivery online.

Address: 3586 Fraser Street, Vancouver

2. Eat Your Cake

Eat Your Cake is a service that offers customized healthy eating, nutritional consultation, and food delivery. With paleo, raw vegan, and vegetarian options, Eat Your Cake has menu items that focus on weight loss or athletic support, each day includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks which are delivered to you once or twice a week. Weekly membership rates vary depending on how many days you want your food delivered a week (part-time/full-time), check out details online.

Instagram: @eatyourcakevancouver

3. Fitness Foods

Fitness Foods is a delivery service offering organic and fresh farm-to-table meals for its customers. The menu here includes paleo, nutrient dense, and antioxidant rich meals. Choose from a custom meal plan of organic or paleo meals (both include 4oz of meat per serving), or opt for the Full Meal Deal – 30+ meals per week of your choice. You can choose to pick up your food at a predetermined location or have your meals delivered to your door twice a week.

Instagram: @fitnessfoods

4. Fresh In Your Fridge

Taking home-cooked meals to a whole new level, Fresh In Your Fridge nutritionists not only prep and deliver you week’s worth of meals to your home, they actually cook it there too. Choose from Nourish for one, Nourish for couples, or Nourish for families and simply wait for your organic meals to arrive and be created each week. Prices for these plans include all groceries, menu planning, cooking, and even clean-up.

Instagram: @freshinyourfridge

5. Fresh Prep

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Fresh Prep works in four simple steps: sign up, pick your recipes and delivery dates, receive your weekly box, and make the meals yourself. Fresh Prep pre-chops veggies and portions out each ingredient, including the spices and proteins ahead of delivery, so you can whip up one of the dishes from the service’s rotating weekly menu in 30 minutes or less. Choose from two-person meals or the family plan meals for four.

Address: 4515 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver

6. HelloFresh

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At HelloFresh you pick a plan that fits your lifestyle and your dietary preferences. This service offers a variety of packages including a Classic Plan, Veggie Plan, or Family Plan. Choose from a selection of weekly recipes and then pre-measured ingredients will arrive at your door free of charge on the day of your choosing (Monday to Saturday).

Instagram: @hellofresh

7. Real Meals

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Real Meals offers home-cooked meals made from scratch along with delivery to your door. Choose items from the menu of hearty comfort foods and they will be delivered frozen in oven-safe packaging to Vancouver residents every Tuesday from 6 to 10 pm. This service has a great selection of casseroles, lasagna, and soups (in vegetarian versions too).

Instagram: @realmealsbc

8. Vancouver Muscle Meals

Sure, Vancouver Muscle Meals has specialized programs for athletes and fitness contest preparation, but they also have custom meal plan options for those who wish to loose weight gradually or maintain healthy eating habits. They have a great selection of calorie and Macro Nutrient controlled meals from The Foodie prep menu. Choose from four packages with 9, 15, 18, or 30 meals (18 and 30 can be split between deliveries). Home delivery is on Sunday and Wednesday for $10, or you can choose to pickup your grub for free at one of these locations.

Instagram: @vancouvermusclemeals

9. Vital Supply Co

Vital Supply Co. helps you refuel properly using their selection of nutrient-packed meals and snacks. This grub comes fresh ready-to-heat/ready-to-eat, so other than moving the food from the container to your mouth, you really don’t have to lift a finger for a quality meal. With four different meal plans to choose from with daily one meal, two meal, and three meal options, you can pick just what you need and nothing more.

Address: 686 Powell Street, Vancouver

10. Movement Food

Movement Food offers free coaching and has over 35 fresh, healthy, macronutrient balanced, hormone, and antibiotic free menu options for pick up or delivery. Each meal is available in three sizes, and the menu caters to dietary requirements such a gluten free, paleo, vegan, low carb, and custom meals for elite athletes.

Address: Multiple locations in Metro Vancouver
Instagram: @movementfood

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