NBC News gets backlash for "bizarre" tweet about "Jeopardy!" champ Mattea Roach

Apr 26 2022, 9:09 pm

Canadian tutor Mattea Roach is being covered in the media left and right for her ongoing winning streak on Jeopardy! — but not all coverage is being received positively.

On Monday, NBC News shared a story about the Halifax-born Toronto resident’s achievement on the game show. Roach just completed her 15th winning day.

“The 23-year-old lesbian tutor from Toronto has amassed a total of $320,081, the most by a Canadian contestant in Jeopardy! history,” NBC News tweeted.

The tweet has been retweeted with comment over 360 times, and people are describing it as “bizarre,” saying Roach’s sexuality is irrelevant in the context of her performance on Jeopardy!.

“Have you highlighted the orientation of other successful guests on the show?” a writer from Toronto asked NBC.

Others critiqued the tweet with some jest and sarcasm, saying that “lesbian tutor” sounded like a job title for someone who teaches lesbians.

Some commenters also pointed out that NBC skipped mentioning Roach by name in the tweet completely, simply calling her “the 23-year-old lesbian tutor.”

A few readers have reasoned that NBC was possibly attempting to highlight her sexual orientation for lesbian representation in the media.

What are your thoughts?

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