Husband's video response goes viral after attending BTS concert without wife (VIDEO)

Mar 15 2022, 6:55 pm

When it comes to scoring BTS concert tickets, it’s everyone for themselves.

And nowhere was this more evident than during a video interview with a fan that recently went viral.

A correspondent for MBC News interviewed a man spotted alone outside Seoul’s Olympic Stadium where BTS performed their “BTS Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul” concert.

The man said that he had managed to secure a ticket for the concert. His wife, however, was not so lucky.


“Only I secured the ticket,” he said.

“So your wife didn’t make it? No concessions?” asked the reporter, sounding amused.

“This is on HYBE, not my problem,” he responded, blaming the K-pop group’s agency’s ticket policies. Tickets were sold on a lottery system and are non-transferable.

Fans took to Twitter to post their reactions.

Here’s the full interview below:

BTS performed in Korea for three days, with the second concert day screened in cinemas worldwide on March 12.

According to Variety, the concert, a joint release by HYBE and Trafalgar Holdings Group, was screened in 3,711 cinemas worldwide and brought in USD 32.6 million in ticket sales. Across North America, the concert was screened in 803 theatres, earning around USD 6.84 million.Ā 

Melissa Pressacco, director of communications for Cineplex, told Daily Hive that they sold 12,000 tickets across Canada during the presale, with nearly 9,000 sold within the first hour. Cineplex ended up adding more screens to meet demand.

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