There's a 'Mad Max' x 'Wizard of Oz' mashup happening in Vancouver this December

Nov 27 2017, 3:59 am

A fully-scripted parody show, Mad Max: Yellow Brick Road will run from December 13 to 16 at the theatre inside Havana Restaurant on Commercial Drive.

From local improv group Instant Theatre Company, the show takes the post-apocalyptic setting of the blockbuster feature film and drops it into the world of Oz.

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There will be an epic rap battle between Glinda and the Wicked Witch— featuring feats of verbal dexterity, creative rhyme schemes, and brutal burns.

There’s also a car chase battle sequence using nothing but blocks, glitter, and an absurdly sized air canon.

“The show has been devised by some of the brightest comedy brains in the city. If you don’t laugh, you may be a flying monkey,” says Chelsey Stuyt, General Manager of Instant Theatre Company.

Image: Julia Lank

From the event’s Facebook page:

Featuring post-apocalyptic munchkins, a one-armed Glinda, and a freestyle rapping Wicked Witch, Mad Max: Yellow Brick Road is a full-throttle holiday spectacular that’ll leave you roaring for more. Forget the holiday schmaltz and leave the kiddies at home because this show is custom built for adult eyes only.

Someone obviously came up with this under influence, but we kinda really want to see how it all plays out.

The weirdest holiday mashup of the year you’ll see in Vancouver, Mad Max: Yellow Brick Road might be just the thing to make you forget Christmas ever existed.

Mad Max: Yellow Brick Road

Where: Havana Theatre – 1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

When: December 13 to 16

Tickets: At Eventbrite; $15-$20

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