Lisa LaFlamme makes Vancouver radio host crack up (VIDEO)

May 3 2023, 8:00 pm

Lisa LaFlamme recently appeared on a Vancouver radio show and got quite a laugh from one of the co-hosts.

LaFlamme was a featured guest on the Drex On Jack morning show on 96.9 Jack FM.

She is currently in London to cover the King Charles Coronation for CityNews, and in a clip posted to Twitter, she spoke to Drex and one of his co-hosts, Lena Shulman, about the event.

Shulman commented that the last time an event like this occurred was in the 1950s and lasted around three hours, suggesting that this “could be a quick one.”

She asked if LaFlamme had heard anything about that.

LaFlamme confirmed that the 1950s event was around three to four hours long and that while she wasn’t in attendance, her mother was.

“My mother, who’s a Brit, did sleep outside on the curb as a teenage girl to watch the succession the next morning,” she said.

Both Drex and Shulman reacted with excited wows.

LaFlamme then told the Vancouver radio show, “That’s sort of my personal claim to fame,” eliciting Shulman’s big laugh.

She added, “I will not be sleeping on the curb.”

“It is a privilege to have the opportunity to bring this historic event to Citytv viewers across Canada,” LaFlamme said, per CityNews, after it was revealed that she would be covering the event.

“Most – including myself – have never seen a coronation with traditions dating back a thousand years, so this is a rare event.”

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