Lisa LaFlamme to cover King's coronation as special correspondent for CityNews

Apr 21 2023, 11:23 pm

According to CityNews, celebrated Canadian journalist Lisa LaFlamme will join the network as a special correspondent covering the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla.

LaFlamme will join Cynthia Mulligan, and the pair will be in London to cover the coronation bringing a Canadian perspective to this historic event.

The pair are set to report daily for CityNews starting on May 3. You can catch their coverage on CityNews, CityNews 24/7,, Breakfast Television, CityNews 680 and 98.1 CHFI. According to CityNews, coverage starts on May 3 ahead of the coronation, which will be covered live on May 6.

As the coronation takes place in London, Canadians will have to wake up early if they want to watch the event live. It starts at 5 am EST/ 2 am PST on CityNews.

“It is a privilege to have the opportunity to bring this historic event to Citytv viewers across Canada,” LaFlamme said, per CityNews. “Most – including myself – have never seen a coronation with traditions dating back a thousand years so this is a rare event.”

Previously LaFlamme covered Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in September for CityNews.

“It’s been eight months since the death of Queen Elizabeth, who was 27 years old on her Coronation Day. Now her son, King Charles at 74, will officially begin a new era with a whole new set of priorities and responsibilities,” LaFlamme said. “There will be much to discuss and debate and I hope Canadians will join us on this journey.”

Will you be watching the coronation live?

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