This Vancouver streetwear brand is inspired by different life experiences

Aug 11 2021, 10:15 pm

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Based in Vancouver, this streetwear brand is inspired by the days, moments, and dreams that the founder and creator has experienced.

LineSix Clothing was created by Adam Fawcett with the vision of merging cut and sew tailored clothing and streetwear.

As part of our Made in Vancouver series spotlighting local businesses, we talked to Adam Fawcett about the inspiration behind his designs.

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“I like to relive moments and experiences like vivid dreams. I draw on past experiences from different places, times, visuals and even smells that take me back to a specific time and place. I incorporate these flashbacks into the pieces that I design. It is a tangible representation of my life,” said Fawcett in an interview with the Daily Hive.

Additionally, when he was in fashion school he came up with the concept of releasing six garment drops from the same inspiration, similar to a mini-series. Although he strayed a bit from this specific number of garments being released at a time, the name and ethos stuck.

LineSix Clothing offers graphic T-shirts, long-sleeves, and bucket hats with one-of-a-kind designs. All of the designs are unisex.

Linesix is also committed to minimal waste and a reduction in its carbon footprint.

“We manufacture in small quantities and work very closely with our suppliers to be a greener brand,” said Fawcett.


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Fawcett said the experience he presents through visuals makes his business stand out.

“I try to recreate a vividness of my dreams through the visuals I present for all of my garments. I think that the visual aspect is equally important as the product and I attempt to merge that in my website.”

He is also Sudanese Canadian and has tried to showcase bits and pieces of both cultures through his models, designs, and more.

“I also think that it is very hard to find the quality in materials and prints that I provide at the price point that I do locally,” he said.

Aside from the distinct features of his brand, Fawcett says people should believe in his brand because he designs for himself  “first and foremost.”

“If I am not happy with a product then I will not pass that on to any customer as I consider every customer as I consider myself… believe in me and I will never fail you as a consumer,” he said.

“I think that I have a unique creation that incorporates many of today’s ideals in terms of inclusion of all peoples, diversity, being eco-conscious and producing in small quantities and taking my time to produce and not Fallon victim to the perils of things like fast fashion.”


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He hopes to gain more exposure in Vancouver and become established to a point where he can give back to the community. 

“As with anything life, a business is a learning experience. I don’t think that any amount of planning can still prepare you for what happens when you brave the world and put yourself out there. Listen to yourself, and believe in yourself.”

You can check out more of LineSix Clothing’s designs on their website or Instagram.

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