Leafs reveal new Milk jersey ads and hockey fans had jokes

Sep 20 2022, 6:30 pm

The Toronto Milk — er, Maple Leafs have introduced a jersey sponsor.

Today, the Leafs announced a multi-year partnership with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, with the patch “Milk” to appear on all their jerseys moving forward.

“Given our pride in our partnership with Dairy Farmers of Ontario and the immense benefits of milk to both elite and everyday athletes, it’s a perfect fit to see the blue-and-white Milk logo on the Maple Leafs’ iconic blue-and-white sweaters,” said Jordan Vader, senior vice president of global partnerships at MLSE. “Alongside MLSE and DFO’s shared values of support for grassroots initiatives, we look forward to further grow our partnership to reach the next generation of fans and give back to communities across Ontario.”

Sure, there’s a bit of confusion, but really, well, it’s just promoting… milk.

It’s no big-name bank, oil corporation, or confusing crypto ad.

It’s a little silly, but it blends into the colours of the jersey well. It’s simply… Milk. As far as jersey sponsorships go, it’s a relatively tame one.

And while there was a bit of initial outrage at the deal, most people seemed to have a good laugh, all things considered.

But you better believe hockey fans — both from the Leafs and elsewhere had plenty to say about it.

Spoiled milk, bad in warm temperatures, you name it, someone made the joke. Here are some of our favourite reactions from around the internet.

Word on the street is they’re even painting the ice white next season.

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