This Vancouver brand makes the cutest custom-made ID tags for pets

Sep 23 2021, 11:03 am

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This Vancouver-based brand is creating the coolest custom-made ID tags for your furry friends.

Kissamo‘s mission was to reinvent the humble pet tag into something fun that celebrates the four-legged family in all our lives.

The business was founded in 2019 by Laurel Murray with the support of her husband, Jonathan Greaves, and their two pets.Ā 

As part of our Made in Vancouver series spotlighting local businesses, we talked to Laurel Murray, founder of Kissamo, about the inspiration behind her small business.

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She said her husband and her are proud pet parents, but theirĀ pet tags kept rusting, chipping and falling apart every 3 to 4 months, especially in the notorious Vancouver rain.

“These tags were also boring as bricks so I sought to create something brand new in the market… tags which are fun, stand out and personalized to each dog and cat,” she said.

The idea for Kissamo was developed while building their home in 2019 which involved novel ways of construction.Ā 

While learning CNC fabrication I had the opportunity to experiment with acrylics on a CO2 laser machine. Thatā€™s when my lightbulb moment struck – the machine is perfect for pet tags including for my own dog and cat,” she said.

At Kissamo, they individually make each tag. Specifically, their pet tags are made of laser engraved BPA-free acrylic which offers a far more precise and durable engraving unlike typical printed or stamped pet tags.

“Kissamo tags will never rust, jingle, fade or weigh down our furry besties,” said Murray.


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Each piece is custom-made with designs that are fun, expressive and made individually for each pet.

Unlike other pet tags in the market, Kissamo tags are waterproof, lightweight, quiet, and UV-resistant.

Our aesthetic can be described as huggable emoji, drawing inspiration from artists and designers like Lisa Frank, Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons,” Murray said.


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Murray said their customers put time into finding the very best tags to show off how unique and special their pets are.

“And heck, when you see a dog or cat wearing something utterly adorable which brings a smile, I know they feel that love right back,” she said.

She is extremely grateful for all the support from them and their pets.

“One message that keeps coming up time and again in our reviews is that receiving a Kissamo package is like getting a gift from a friend. Itā€™s that feeling which is at the heart of Kissamo and what I cultivate above all else. There is nothing corporate about Kissamo and I donā€™t hide behind the logo.”

She would also add that itā€™s been a blessing to be part of the wider Vancouver maker community.

“Iā€™ve found tremendous support from other designers and makers in the City, especially other women. Vancouver has more artists and makers per capita than any other part of the country and this community has been integral to Kissamo early on.”

Make sure to grab your ID for your furry friend on their website, and check out more designs on their Instagram.

“I believe that deep down we all want to celebrate our awesome furry besties and I wanted to create personalized designs which are fun and bubbly which show off how special they are.”

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