Justin Trudeau got a haircut and the internet took notice

Jun 18 2020, 3:10 pm

Justin Trudeau finally chopped his quarantine curls.

Canada’s prime minister appeared for his daily press conference on Tuesday morning with a noticeably shorter hair-do, having cut his ever-growing head of hair following a few months of closed barbershops.

The prime minister recently shared that his government will provide a financial “snapshot” in July following a postponement of the budget in March.

Canadians throughout the country likely had been facing the same overgrown plight during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, though not all of us saw quite the same attention as our prime minister when it came to sporting the long-haired look.

The Twitterverse erupted back in April when Trudeau brushed some locks away from his face while on camera, which likely added to the reaction we’re seeing now that his curls have been significantly shortened.



While the rest of the Twitterverse appears to have their eyes up top, the account Male Political Haircuts (which is, apparently, a thing) is asking the real questions about whether the Prime Minister will be keeping that salt-and-pepper beard.

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