Canada is still processing Justin Trudeau's new salt-and-pepper beard

Jan 7 2020, 3:30 pm

New year, new beard.

Justin Trudeau returned to work this week after vacationing in Costa Rica but it wasn’t a Central American tan that brought the Internet together, it was our Prime Minister’s new salt-and-pepper beard.

Amidst American tension and Australian devastation, “Justin Trudeau Has a Beard Now” was trending on Twitter on Tuesday morning because, Canada.

A photo shaved shared by the Prime Minister’s official photographer, Adam Scotti, ignited the Internet’s reaction to Trudeau’s facial hair and whether or not you’re a fan of “going tough with the scruff,” whenever something brings the social media world together, it’s always refreshing.



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And it looks like it may even be here to stay.

Here is another look at the new beard:


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As for Canada’s reactions, here are some funny responses to our newly-bearded Prime Minister:

For those wondering, there is now a (although maybe more by now) “Justin Trudeau’s Beard” Twitter account.

And the reactions don’t stop on Twitter. Scotti’s photo on Instagram is almost solely focused on Trudeau’s new facial accessory as well.

New year, new beard.

And looks like we’re here for it.

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