"Absolute incompetence": Another former NHL player roasts Canadian airport

Jun 20 2022, 2:27 pm

Like so many people leaving Montreal after Sunday’s Grand Prix race, former NHL player Jeremy Roenick was incredibly frustrated with the congestion and delays at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport — and even more so with the country’s most popular airline.

On Sunday night, after the weekend’s festivities which were reportedly attended by over 300,000 people, the Boston native sent out a tweet calling Air Canada “the worst airline on the planet.”

Roenick’s tirade did not end there, though. At around 8 pm ET, he claimed to be witness to multiple cancelled flights and lost luggage in what he called a “disgrace to aviation.” He also demanded that one of the airline’s executives be “fired immediately.”

A TikTok video affirming some of what Roenick said was also posted by a user who was worried about missing their flight on Sunday. Footage shows hordes of mobs in F1 merchandise waiting in seemingly endless lines.

@eyes.0n.melol there is more people here at the airport than the actual grand prix♬ original sound – 🙂

Meanwhile, countless tweets described similarly hellish experiences.

While one might think that an incident like this is circumstantial, it is not even the first time this month that a former NHL player lost their temper on Twitter in regards to a Canadian airport.

At the beginning of June, Ryan Whitney — who co-founded Pink Whitney with fellow podcaster and teammate Paul Bissonnette — posted a series of tweets and videos of his grueling experience at Toronto’s Pearson International.

His rants included  accounts of a cancelled flight, baggage claim fiasco, customs mix-up, and a lineup that lasted over six hours.

While public figures like Roenick and Whitney have brought attention to Canada’s ongoing travel misery, over the past month, multiple accounts and videos featuring delays in extraordinarily congested areas have surfaced.

Daily Hive has reached out to Air Canada for comment.

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