This subscription box delivers rare Japanese noodles to your door

Mar 27 2017, 8:13 pm

Have you ever been sitting at home, wishing that multiple kinds of rare instant noodles would be delivered to your door straight from Japan?

If so, we have fantastic news – Japan Crate is all over this extremely important and niche food subscription service. This San Francisco-based company aims to make you feel like you visited Japan without you even having to get up off your bean bag.

The Umai Crate is like a monthly Christmas, but for noodle lovers.

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In the surge of subscription box popularity in recent years, there have been some seriously fun additions to the plethora of packages people can sign up for. This Umai Crate has got to be one of the most interesting varieties we’ve stumbled upon – other than the organic period box, that is.

Customers who subscribe to the Umai Crate can expect monthly deliveries of instant noodles in interesting and hard-to-get-flavours outside of Japan. In true Japan style people can expect to see adorable animated packaging and character themes which vary from box to box.

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Every Umai Crate includes seven or eight “premium quality” noodles including rare flavours of ramen, yakisoba, udon, soba, spaghetti, and soba. Along with their non-perishable Japanese carbs, Umai Crate subscribers receive a “bonus item” like chopsticks or ramen gachapon (vending machine toys).

Past crates have included selections like Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramyun, Nissin HK Cup in Black Pepper Crab flavour, and Mamee Chef Curry Laksa Flavour – definitely not your average Mr. Noodles.

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You don’t have to subscribe to your Umai Crate long term to try it. You can choose your size (Mini Crate, Original Crate, Premium Crate) and subscription length accordingly – once crate is $25 plus tax.

The Umai Crate can also be given as a gift – perfect for the person in your life who has everything!

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Considering Japan Crate has been selling out of its Umai Crates since introducing them to their subscription lineup of snack and collectible boxes a few months ago, we think it’s a pretty safe bet people are loving these boxes – and honestly, what else are you going to spend $25 on? Get your noodle on.