Vancouver's 'Jammer Cafe Motors' has officially closed its doors

Jun 7 2019, 2:29 am

After only eight months of operation, Vancouver’s unique spot for coffee and motorcycle buzz has officially closed its doors.

Jammer Cafe Motors opened at 350 West 8 Avenue in October 2018 and announced late last week it was closing up shop at that address.

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The business had a motorcycle workshop and service centre for bikes along with a cafe area where people could grab a hot cup of Joe, a sandwich, or a salad.

Jammer Cafe Motors

Courtesy Jammer Cafe Motors

Ryan Valade, Director of Jammer Cafe Motors, shared a statement regarding the closure and told folks to keep an eye out for a comeback for the cafe.

Yes we are now closed. The reasons are many. We put together what was our best efforts to create what my dream bar and cafe would be, but we bad some bad luck with timing, staffing and finance. I followed my dream and worked relentlessly for 3 years, I along with many close to me gave up a lot to do something real. We had some really great times and think we put together a project that was to be a legacy, something many memories and friendships would come out of. Sadly it will be short live at the current location. If only because of all the positive people we met, it was worth it.

Keep your eyes open as Jammer is very likely to pop up again.

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