Jamie Foxx regrets taking a girlfriend to this Canadian beach (VIDEO)

Mar 1 2022, 3:52 pm

Living in Toronto means there are slim pickings when it comes to easily accessible white, sandy lakeshores. So, trying to impress a visitor from California — a state with over 500 km of beaches — may be a tall order.

Jamie Foxx found this out the hard way.

The actor and singer sat down to chat with the hosts of the Full Send Podcast last Thursday, and Toronto became a topic of conversation. After finding out that host Kyle Forgeard is from the east coast, Foxx launched into a regretful story about a man, a date, and the beach that ended it all.

“My girlfriend broke up with me…it was a girl that I was dating in LA, and I f*cked up,” he said.

Foxx explained that it was his then-girlfriend’s birthday, so he was trying to figure out what they could do in Toronto. That’s when he was recommended by a friend to go to Wasaga Beach.

For the uninitiated, Wasaga Beach is in Simcoe County, Ontario, on the southern end of Georgian Bay.

The destination’s website touts itself as the “world’s longest freshwater beach” spanning 14 km and includes beautiful views of the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The beach was also crowned the best in Canada for swimming by Lonely Planet.

“I was like, babe, they got a beach out here!” exclaimed Foxx. His date was not impressed.

“It didn’t look like this beach,” continued Foxx, alluding to the beaches in California, where the podcast is shot. “It was a little different, bro, so my girl was like what in the blue f*ck is going on.”

Forgeard chimed in, saying that he had his grade 12 grad trip at the beach. Despite his ex complaining that Wasaga didn’t look like Malibu, Foxx says he had a good time. And many Ontario beachgoers do, too, so much so that it’s become known for its crowded parties that leave the sand looking like a wasteland.

“I would always have a good time in Toronto, man,” he said.

At least they had 14 km of coastline to get some space after the break-up.

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