IKEA meatball shortage in Canada caused by supply-chain disruptions

Nov 2 2021, 7:45 pm

When IKEA Canada made an availability statement notifying its customers of how it’s handling ongoing supply-chain disruptions, Daily Hive needed to ask the big question:

What about the meatballs?

“At IKEA Canada, we are currently experiencing lower availability and significant delays in certain product ranges, including kitchens and mattresses,” said IKEA.

“We are seeing similar availability disruptions with some of our IKEA food items, including the KÖTTBULLAR meatballs in the Swedish Food Market at some IKEA locations nationally.”

IKEA clarified that while there might be “availability disruptions” with meatballs in their food markets, the restaurants are still pumping out plates of meatballs, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

“Our popular meatballs remain available on the menu in any restaurants that are currently open, and hot dogs continue [to be] available in the Swedish Bistro for immediate takeaway,” said IKEA.

Check out IKEA’s stock updates for more and to learn about what the disruptions mean for customers. For example, they’re not going to sell live Christmas trees during the holidays.

You can learn more about IKEA’s availability statement online. It details how the company has seen an increase in demand for its products since the pandemic began.

“At the same time, continued global supply-chain disruptions, port congestions and a historically high demand has created an imbalance in the total ocean freight market, which is resulting in industry-wide constraints,” said IKEA.

IKEA is working to improve the availability of its products and has bought its own containers and chartered space on vessels to help meet demands.

“We keep working to mitigate the effects of the global supply chain disruptions in our operations by collaborating with our partners to secure the availability of raw materials, minimize disruptions in production, and secure logistics capacities,” said IKEA.

Customers can check online to see what product availability is like before they make a purchase and can ask to get notified when what they want is in stock again.

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