IKEA launches baby name catalog and you can name your wee one after a lamp (PHOTOS)

Jun 16 2022, 9:23 pm

If you’re expecting a child and haven’t picked out a name for your baby, IKEA has some suggestions.

IKEA recently launched a baby name catalogue, and the names are based on popular furniture products. From chairs and desks, to curtains and yes even lamps, there are over 800 different names to choose from.

The campaign was launched by IKEA Norway, and their video ad reads “Velkommen babyboom” which means welcome baby boom. IKEA is positioning this idea for people who are “completely stuck” or just want some inspiration for a name.

“Finding the name of the child can be both difficult and fun,” reads a rough translation from IKEA Norway’s website.

The beloved Swedish-founded furniture company has been naming furniture for over 70 years, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about names. There are names for both boys and girls, and they include “everything from popular Ivar to more rare names like Moalie.”

All of the names in the database come with a picture of the product, as well as the year the product was released or sold.

IKEA baby names

May your baby Ada shine as bright as this lamp. (IKEA)

The names include more typical and common names like Amanda, Adam, Emma and Emily, to more unique names like Egon, Esbjorn, Nilserik and Terje.

IKEA Norway

IKEA has even gone out of their way to include the meanings of each baby name.

For example, Benita appreciates a little praise sometimes. Benjamin? He’s a smart supporter. Again, these meanings are rough translations done by Google so the meanings may not be exactly the same as they are in Norwegian.

Some of the meanings make it sound like your baby is actually furniture, like Daphne, who is¬† “complete and straightforward” and “fits into any room.”

Or Dave, who “loves home office.”

In any case, if you’re expecting a child and haven’t picked out a name, maybe consider naming them after a cabinet.

IKEA Norway


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