Hummus Express is serving an epic vegetarian Jaffa-style brunch for one day only

Feb 7 2017, 6:04 pm

In case you haven’t noticed, hummus is kind of a big deal right now.

It’s a plant-based, healthy, and delicious dish that can be paired with just about any meal at any time of day.

So it definitely makes sense that Hummus Express, a local Vancouver hummus-maker, would follow up their first Gastown pop-up in January with another event in order to give the people what they want – more hummus!

The next one-day pop-up is taking place on Main Street at The Cottage Bistro on Sunday, February 26 from 10 am to 2 pm.

Made just hours before it’s served, Hummus Express’ dishes are made with preservative-free vegetarian and vegan ingredients. Their authentic recipe for this Middle Eastern specialty is served as a meal with a variety warm toppings, sauces, and spices.

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The first pop-up was such a success that co-founders Adi Kabazo and Jay Eidelman (also Hummus Express’ Executive Chef) wanted to pick a larger space for round two in order to accommodate the demand.

Diners at the pop-up can expect an authentic Jaffa-style brunch which includes Hummus Express fan-favs like masabacha (warm chickpeas in tahini), shakshuka (spicy tomato stew), and mushrooms sautéed with onions and cumin.

Pop-up attendees can also look forward to warm pitas and falafel, and a fresh-chopped Israeli salad, along with a “never before seen dish” that the Hummus Express team ensures will be a “monster hit”.  For beverages hummus lovers can enjoy coffee, soda, and a full bar after 11am.

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To reduce wait time for a table, diners can go to the front of the line by reserving a spot here.

Hummus Express Brunch Pop-Up at The Cottage Bistro

When: Sunday, February 26 from 10am to 2pm
Where: The Cottage Bistro, 4470 Main Street, Vancouver