16 must-try vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver

Nov 30 2016, 1:12 am

You might not be ready to go fully plant-based, but if you are looking to up your Meatless Monday game or skip the meat more often, Vancouver is like a vegetarian oasis. Sure, we know seafood and meat, but our restaurants and chefs can create magic with veggies, grains, and dairy.

Need help discovering Vancouver’s veggie bounty? Consider this your bucket list. From the very veg-friendly to easily vegan-ized, here (in no particular order!) are 16 must-try vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver.

1. Heirloom Vegetarian

Breakfast at Heirloom (Jess Fleming/Daily Hive)

Breakfast at Heirloom (Jess Fleming/Daily Hive)

When it comes to vegetarian food in Vancouver, Heirloom is a standout, thanks to their simple, playful, and elegant fare. Look for signature items like Baked Avocado Skins for a fun meal that may make you forget all about meat, a killer meat-free brunch, and lots of options for vegans, too.

Address: 1509 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver

2. Farmer’s Apprentice

The menu is never the same at Farmer’s Apprentice, thanks to chef-owner David Gunawan’s dedication to sourcing the ultimate in fresh and local produce. At this tasting-menu only restaurant off South Granville they have an omnivore option, but there’s the herbivore option as well, which is a sure-fire guarantee you are going to be spoiled with plate after plate of gorgeous, inventive, delicious vegetarian fare.

Address: 1535 West 6th Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @thefarmersapprentice

3. The Naam

Considered a staple for vegetarian and vegan eats in Vancouver for, well, what seems like forever, eating at Kitsilano’s The Naam is pretty much a rite of passage. Their calling card dish is their Sesame Fries with an add-on of Miso Gravy, but you’ll also find an array of noodles, bowls, veggie burgers, Mexican-inspired fare, salads, appies, and much more here.

Address: 2724 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

4. The Acorn

They’re cooking using the best of the season at Vancouver’s elegant The Acorn, so their menu is always evolving with the calendar. Their dishes are all vegetarian as a base, with most adaptable to suit vegan diners.

Address: 3995 Main Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @acornvancouver

5. The Arbor Restaurant

Spaghetti and Neatballs (Hanna McLean/Daily Hive)

Spaghetti and Neatballs (Hanna McLean/Daily Hive)

Great news for fans of The Acorn: The team behind the popular restaurant have just opened their more casual concept, The Arbor, on Main Street. The restaurant focuses on meatless comfort food, from pasta and meatless meatballs (“Neatballs”) to fried oyster mushrooms.

Address: 3941 Main Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @arborvancouver

6. Café Deux Soleils

A longstanding spot on The Drive, Cafe Deux Soleil’s menu abounds with veggie options, including burgers, soups, salads, sandwiches, and comfort classics–all meat-free.

Address: 2096 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Instagram: @cafedeuxsoleils

7. MeeT on Main/MeeT in Gastown

Lindsay William-Ross/Daily Hive

Lindsay William-Ross/Daily Hive

Both locations of MeeT are all about delicious eats in a fun space…minus the meat. Their menu is vegan and mostly gluten free, but their clever dishes with big, bold flavours won’t leave you feeling like you’ve missed anything (i.e. meat) at all.

Address: 12 Water Street, Vancouver

Address: 4288 Main Street, Vancouver

8. The Juice Truck Cafe

Vancouver’s trailblazing Juice Truck has a great menu of cold pressed juices and smoothies, but their brick and mortar cafe also has an impressive food menu.  Look for salads, bowls, soups, and seasonal fare, in addition to the liquid stuff.
Address: 28 West 5th Avenue, Vancouver,

9. The Wallflower Diner

The Wallflower diner is a definite go-to for vegans and omnivores alike. They specialize in comfort eats, with a variety of hearty vegetarian dishes on their menu, from tofu wraps and veggie burgers to a vegan mac and cheese.

Address: 2420 Main Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @wallflowervancouver

10. The Black Lodge

A bar where you can drink cocktails and beers and all the bar snacks are vegetarian? Yep, that’s The Black Lodge. Think poutine, nachos, and sandwiches and burgers made with all-veggie ingredients. Oh, and the bar is themed after TV’s cult classic, Twin Peaks.

Address: 630 Kingsway, Vancouver

11. The Foundation

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Much like The Naam, The Foundation has become part of the very fabric of Vancouver veg life, so it would seem. Occasionally polarizing (really, you either love it or hate it), The Foundation endures thanks to it’s chill vibe and big menu of casual meatless eats. They’re known for their nachos, which is always a good place to start.

Address: 2301 Main Street, Vancouver

12. Chau Veggie Express

Serving up Vietnamese and pan-Asian inspired vegetarian and vegan fare, Chau’s fun menu is chock full of soup, bowls, salads, and rolls.
Address: 1689 Johnston Street, Vancouver (Granville Island)

Address: 5052 Vistoria Drive, Vancouver

13. Nuba

Vancouver’s go-to for Lebanese food, Nuba has an impressive roster of locations, and an even more impressive menu of delicious vegetarian eats. From savoury dips to pitas, platters, and their falafel, Nuba’s menu clearly marks their vegetarian (and vegan) options.

Address: 4 Vancouver locations; check website for details

14. Budgies Burritos

This all-veggie Tex-Mex style restaurant may have burritos in their name, but they go beyond with vegetarian nachos, tacos, quesadillas, and more.

Address: 44 Kingsway, Vancouver
Instagram: @budgiesburritos

15. Tera V Burger

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Here it’s all about the burger…without the beef. Get it in several versions at Tera V. They’ve got tons of vegetarian options, many of which are available vegan, too.

Address: 2961 West Broadway, Vancouver

16. Bandidas Taqueria

All-day breakfast and brunch options, plus a full menu of Mexican classics…all without meat. This Commercial Drive go-to spot is spot-on when you’re craving Mexican eats. Vegans take note: You can sub-out the dairy for plant-based options and you’ve got a Mexican animal-free fiesta!

Address: 2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Instagram: @bandidas_taqueria

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