Real estate website features murder houses and other stigmatized properties (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Jul 22 2022, 10:51 pm

There’s a morbid website that you didn’t know you wanted, revealing serious crimes and notable events that occurred near you at stigmatized properties.

Housecreep calls itself a real estate website for finding properties that include murder houses, haunted houses, abandoned buildings, and former drug labs.

Users can sort properties using a variety of categories, including crime, death, homicide, damage, drug, paranormal, noted (featuring celebrities or famous people), and sketchy. You can also sort properties from 1900 to the current year. You can even put on coordinates for longitude and latitude if there was somewhere super specific you want to focus on.

You can find listings from all over Canada and around the world.

3416 Oak Street in Vancouver

Some of the listings even feature testimonials from people who lived in them, like this one from 3416 Oak Street in Vancouver, BC.

Doesn’t look too creepy… (3416 Oak Street, Vancouver – Google Maps)

“The night I stayed as a guest, I crashed on the couch in the living room only to wake up with the distinct feeling that someone was standing over me, staring at me.”


3635 Pitch Pine Crescent, Ontario


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2603 Bathurst Street, Toronto

Then there are properties like this one in Toronto, which Housecreep reveals someone was strangled in.

2603 Bathurst Street, Toronto (Google Maps)

2549 Fraser Street, Vancouver


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Charles Camsell Hospital, Edmonton

It’s also a great resource for things like abandoned buildings, like this old hospital in Edmonton.

Charles Camsell Hospital in Edmonton (Google Maps)

The listing on Housecreep states that the now defunct Charles Camsell Hospital has a “super cool history behind it.”

“It has, however, been confirmed that some of the patients that passed were buried in the mass burial site by the residential school in St. Albert.”

Visit and pop in your address. Who knows what you might find.

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