Mental wellness top of mind as Hootsuite unveils redesigned Vancouver office (PHOTOS)

Oct 7 2021, 6:44 pm

Hootsuite has unveiled its redesigned office in Vancouver, and while it’s a gorgeous space, it was also designed with mental health in mind.

If you’re unfamiliar with Hootsuite, which was started in Vancouver, it’s a social media management platform that allows the management of multiple social media sites in one convenient dashboard.

The fresh space for the social media experts is sleek and vibrant and features many amenities that will aid in the mental health of employees.

A lot of planning went into the new office, with the mental well being of employees being one of the key elements in the redesign.

The new space is located in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood at 111 East 5th Avenue, tucked away from the busier parts of the area.

hootsuite office


Hootsuite’s new office features several amenities put in place to support the mental health of employees.

The amenities include things like bike and treadmill desks, and a wellness room for nursing mothers, and employees who want a space to meditate or pray in.

Vancouver office


Ergonomic offices seem to be increasingly important in modern times, and Hootsuite is all over it with sit-stand desks, adjustable monitor arms, and ergonomic chairs.

Biophilia fills the vibrant space, helping it feel connected to nature at all times.



In terms of actual productivity spaces, there are 150 new work points.

Those work points include personal pods, team pods, and luxurious living areas.


Luxurious, to say the least. (Hootsuite)

Some of the pods look like something you’d see in a science-fiction film.



Dimmable lighting is available in all meeting rooms to accommodate anyone who may have a sensitivity to light. There are also auto door openers to increase accessibility to the office and gender-inclusive washrooms.



The new office also features braille signage on all rooms.

Hootsuite’s new space soft-opened on September 7, while operating at 10% capacity due to COVID-19 protocols. Staff can book time in the office using the Robin Booking System, which Hootsuite says has been a seamless transition.

Earlier this year, Hootsuite kicked off Wellness Week, which involved shutting down for an entire week. Wellness week was an acknowledgement of the impact the pandemic was having on mental health, and it allowed everyone in the company to “unplug.”

The event was a successful break for staff, and will now be a recurring event for the team in 2022.

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