People are freaking out over this mega cake at Honey Salt Vancouver

Oct 17 2017, 5:59 am

If you know Vancouver like we do, then you know there is no shortage of epic desserts to get your hands on here.

Now that Honey Salt Vancouver is open, located on the main floor of the new Parq VancouverĀ casino hotel resort, we have to let you know there’s a new dessert you’veĀ got to try – especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Many are calling this moist, rich creation “the best cake they’ve ever had in their lives” on Instagram, and we’ve got to say that after trying it ourselves. They’re not wrong.

So tall that it can’t even stand up vertically, the Society Chocolate & Banana Cake abides to the laws of gravity.

This treat is made with not one but two different varieties of cakes. It has banana cake with caramelized bananas and chocolate cake, and it is also infused with a milk chocolate mousse layer.

The Society cake is then coated in a thick layer of dark chocolate glaze on the outside, andĀ comes served with a scoop of vanilla Earnest Ice Cream.

Honey Salt_Chocolate Banana Cake

Society Chocolate & Banana Cake (Hanna McLean/Daily Vancouver)

Let’s just say you’ll blackout during the first bites. The cake will likely quickly disappear after your server places it down in front of you.

This $12 dessert is a different version than the one on the menu at Honey Salt’s first location in Las Vegas, where the dish is all-chocolate-everything.

We’re not just making up the game-changing nature of this epic dessert, check out what others are saying about Honey Salt’s new cake in town:

Honey Salt Vancouver

Address:Ā Parq VancouverĀ – 39 Smithe Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @honeysaltvancouver

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