Five easy home renovations for renters to spruce up their space

Nov 19 2020, 5:29 pm

Looking to make your rented space feel more like home this season? Look no further!

Here are some tips to help renters spruce up their space.

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Removable Wallpaper/ Decals

This is a perfect design solution for renters or décor commitment-phobes that have ever-changing tastes. Simply peel and stick – no glue, no mess and most importantly no damage! Temporary wallpaper or decals are convenient and user friendly and allow you to effortlessly stay on top of the latest trends. 

Check out these Emerald Brush Stroke Decals from Urban Walls.

Statement Light Fixture

Something as simple as a light fixture can be all you need to add interest to a room and you can easily take these with you when you move. Depending on the bulb or shade they can also give a feeling of warmth to what could perhaps be a stark and cold space. We love this paired back living area designed by Kirsten Blazek and this bold choice of light from Lumens.

Painted Furniture

Probably one of the most challenging rules to abide by when renting is not being able to paint those pesky magnolia walls. So why not paint the furniture instead?

If you own some vintage or modern furniture pieces that you don’t mind livening up, get creative with some colourful chalk paint for a subtle but stylish matte finish.

Clever Kitchen Storage

Adding cabinetry isn’t usually an option in rentals so inventive storage could be the answer to combating towering pots and pans. Why not try a ladder with hooks for a hanging solution for cooking tools, chopping boards and pots? This can be moved from rental to rental wherever you need more storage. 

Leaning Mirrors and Artwork

Large pieces of artwork and full-length leaning mirrors are a must for us in any rental. If your landlord is strict with wall and paintwork damage try simply leaning the artwork up against the wall on the floor, or for additional height, use your existing furniture as a base. Consoles or side tables work great for displaying your most loved prints. Oversized full-length mirrors also reflect light and space back into a room.

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