Vancouver-based Kickstarter raises nearly $100k for water-repellent leather jacket

Oct 14 2020, 8:10 pm

A Vancouver-based Kickstarter has smashed its fundraising goal, with hopes of creating a leather jacket for all kinds of weather.

The local company, called Threads of Apollo, has created a water-repellent, full-grain leather jacket. Wakkas Sachwani, the founder of the company, explains that the jackets are made water-repellent by an in-house solution that they developed themselves.

The water-repellent leather, called Rain-City Leather,was inspired after Sachwani’s many years in Vancouver and being afraid of getting his leather jacket ruined in the rain.

“By integrating a water protection treatment right into the fibres of the leather, our jackets become inherently more repellent than those with surface-level treatments such as wax or oils,” reads the company’s Kickstarter.

threads of apollo

Threads of Apollo

Threads of Apollo explains that traditional leather protection can be a “double-edged sword,” because although unprotected leather can wear and tear faster, aftermarket products can involve excess spending, research, and testing to find the best solution.

If done improperly, says the company, do-it-yourself water protection could take years of the jacket’s lifespan, cause the leather to get stiff and crack, or reduce the breathability or fit of the jacket.

“We ensure 100% coverage that no after-the-fact product can achieve,” the company says.

The jackets are made of 100% full-grain sheep leather, which allows for a pliable, lightweight leather jacket. Designed for busy, on-the-go lifestyles, the jackets include features such as a detachable hood pocket, pockets for phones, passports, and accessories, and even leather loops to hold glasses.

threads of apollo

Threads of Apollo

Threads of Apollo adds that hides used to make the jacket also come from the food industry, meaning they’re put to use rather than going to a landfill. They also follow a made-to-order model, so the jackets are only produced in small batches.

“This allows us to focus on quality and also means we do not carry excess inventory or products like the fast fashion brands,” says Sachwani. “Thus, minimizing waste and our environmental impact.”

A number of styles are already available on the company website, with three exclusive designs being offered for those who back the Kickstarter. At the time of writing, more than $92,000 has been raised, breaking the initial goal of $12,500.

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