Halloween-themed Virtual Reality pop-up comes to Vancouver

Oct 18 2016, 5:36 pm

Local tech company DWOR is bringing the virtual reality (VR) experience to Vancouver with series of VR pop-up events.

“We feel like Vancouver does not have a (VR experience),” Ruby Chang of DWOR told Daily Hive Vancouver. “VR is the sort of thing where you have to experience it. You see people play on YouTube on Facebook, but it is really different until you try it yourself.”

DWOR aims to show Vancouverites just how amazing VR is, with Halloween-themed events taking place this weekend (October 21-22) and from October 28 to November 6 at the Westin Grand hotel.

Chang says that guests will be able to ease their way into the full VR experience at the event.

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“We won’t put (people) into something scary right away,” she said. “We slowly guide people through, and after the demo… we will be there to help them,” she said.

Since DWOR announced the pop-up event, Cheng says that the company has received a positive response from people interested in learning more about VR.

“Our goal is to… introduce and provide an environment to try and learn about (VR) and to hopefully support the VR industry for the developers,” says Chang.

This will be the first pop-up event DWOR is hosting but eventually, the company hopes to open a VR lounge in Vancouver.

“That is our ultimate goal,” Chang said. “This event is to test to waters.”

The VR Halloween-themed pop-up will take place from October 21 to 22 and October 28 to November 6 at the Westin Grand in Vancouver. Tickets and more information are available online and Chang recommends that those interested make reservations.