All the terrifyingly tasty Halloween cocktails to try in Vancouver

Oct 22 2020, 4:00 pm

We already gave you the full list of treats, but rest assured this is no trick: there are some terrifyingly delicious cocktails in Vancouver we’ve got to highlight.

From deconstructed, highly conceptual libations, to Tiki terrors in-a-glass — here are some Halloween cocktails to sip on this week in Vancouver…if you dare.

Odd Society Spirits

Halloween cocktails

Courtesy Odd Society

Odd Society has a cocktail for Halloween that sounds like a must-try. Salem The Cat is described as “a powerful bittersweet concoction that will leave you spellbound.”

Address: 1725 Powell Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-559-6745


Papiā€™s Seafood and Oyster Bar

Halloween treats

Courtesy Papiā€™s

From now until October 31, patrons can enjoy a special Halloween house cocktail called the Russian Roulette.

Address:Ā 1193 Denman Street, Vancouver
Phone:Ā 604-685-7337

Straight and Marrow

Halloween treats

Courtesy Straight and Marrow

Straight and Marrow is offering a special Halloween cocktail from October 30 to November 1 called Brains.

Address:Ā 1869 Powell Street, Vancouver


Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar

Halloween cocktails

Peaches Brew (Courtesy Uva)

For those 19+, Uvaā€™s got several treats in the form of Halloween cocktails, available from October 24 to 31.

Address:Ā 900 Seymour Street, Vancouver
Phone:Ā 604-632-9560


Ancora Waterfront Dining

Halloween Treats

Courtesy Ancora

Ancoraā€™s second molecular cocktail is Halloween themed and available on October 30 and 31. Itā€™s called The Flabby Prisoners and comes in the form of three mini cocktails.

Address:Ā 1600 Howe Street #2, Vancouver
Phone:Ā 604-681-1164


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