Vancouver music artist Hahlweg celebrates nostalgia with new covers EP

Dec 17 2021, 8:07 pm

Music is a powerful catalyst for memories. Hearing a song can take you back to your first day of high school, laughing with friends and family during the holidays, and many more treasured moments from our past.

For Vancouver-based music artist Louis Hahlweg, who performs under the name Hahlweg, music forms many of his earliest and fondest memories.


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“Growing up, some of my earliest memories are listening to music with my family,” said Hahlweg in an interview with Daily Hive. “I have a lot of memories and nostalgia built around the music that they shared with me, beyond that sort of classic dad rock sound.

“My parent’s open-minded approach to creativity and music inspired much of my love for the same, and I feel very fortunate for those experiences.”

Hahlweg has been writing, producing and composing “moody and emotionally driven cinematic-electronic music” for over a decade. His latest release is Nostalgia Reimagined, a covers EP on Seeking Blue Records that started as a desire to reconnect with songs from his past that evolved into something more.

“I wanted to fall back in love with songs of my past that were associated with simpler times, heartfelt memories and nostalgia,” said Hahlweg. “It became a project about exploring and honouring my upbringing, my childhood and the songs that defined my love for music.”


Hahlweg (Lucas James/Submitted)

Hahlweg created Nostalgia Reimagined was created in collaboration with friends and fellow BC artists: On Planets from Vancouver, Ciele from Gibsons, Nicky Mackenzie from Salt Spring Island, and Wayfie from Vancouver.

For the EP, Hahlweg covered Tegan and Sara’s “Walking with a Ghost,” featuring vocals from Ciele, Snow Patrol’s “Make this Go on Forever,” and Smashing Pumpkins’ “Disarm” with On Planets. Nicky Mackenzie joins Hahlweg for a version of “Do I Wanna Know,” and Wayfie is featured on a cover of Blue Foundation’s “Eyes on Fire.”

“The talent in BC is incredible, I count myself very lucky to live and work here,” said Hahlweg. “I think everyone working on this project was simply inspired by a desire to fall back in love with those Nostalgic memories, and to pay homage to the original artists in a way that feels honest in their own style.

“I really enjoy being in the same space as other artists, bonding through our love for music and our experiences. I live for those moments being in a room with people you love and admire, and realizing something special is being created.”


Hahlweg (Lucas James/Submitted)

Hahlweg hopes that people are inspired to revisit their nostalgic favourite songs by listening to the covers EP.

“There’s no better feeling than hearing a song you haven’t heard for ages that floods your mind and body with goosebumps! I hope people have the opportunity to hear it

“Music is and always has been a way for me to heal and process my experiences, and I believe for many of the people in my life it does the same.”

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