Gyo Para: Ramen restaurant reboots for next gen of fans

Apr 17 2017, 10:02 pm

A Vancouver ramen shop that came onto the scene in 1992 has made a comeback.

Gyo Para (short for Gyoza Paradise), might not have a place in current Vancouver ramen fans’ memories, but they’re definitely aiming to win new enthusiasts over with their menu of ramen and gyoza.

One of the city’s first ramen spots back in its day, Gyo Para 2.0 says they’ve got an MSG-free and umami-full ramen recipe that goes back three generations. On the menu will be classics like shoyu ramen, handmade gyozas, and add-ons like spicy miso and tan-tan men.

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The new Gyo Para is truly a family story: This new version of the restaurant is owned and operated by original owner Tak Aramaki and his son, Alex Ryutaro Aramaki.

So why bring back Gyo Para? “We were revitalized and reinvigorated to share with Vancouver once again a truly authentic and handcrafted ramen and gyoza experience,” explains Tak Aramaki via email with Daily Hive.

While Gyo Para was gone from the Vancouver ramen scene, the Aramakis have definitely been around. They launched the wildly successful Ramen Danbo in Kits, and followed up soon after with a second Danbo on Robson.

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Alex Ryutaro Aramaki has been cooking professionally for over a decade, with stints at Jinya Ramen Bar and at both Ramen Danbo locations. “He has been very passionate about carrying on the family legacy as the third generation Ramen Chef from a very young age,” says dad Tak of his son.

Our head ramen chef Alex @amplifymagic hard at work whipping up fresh bowls of ramen!

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The 36-seat restaurant is already open for dinner, and are working towards opening up for lunch service soon, too. Keep an eye out for a nod to the restaurant’s history with the brightly coloured lettered “Gyoza Paradise” sign.

Gyo Para is open Tuesday through Thursday from 5 to 10 pm and Friday and Saturday from 5 to 11 pm.


Address: 2120 West Broadway, Vancouver
Instagram: @gyopara
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