Best gyoza in Vancouver

Jun 3 2016, 12:08 am

Some days simply call for feasting on freshly made gyoza. Piping hot, fried until golden brown, and served with a delectable dipping sauce, these plump dumpling pockets (often bursting with pork filling) are warm, comforting, and downright delicious.

Vancouver has quite the selection of eateries offering their version of these Asian delights. With so many spots offering freshly made, stuffed gyoza we turned to local food blogger Hanson Do, author of Nosh and Nibble, to curate his list of his picks for where to find the tastiest gyoza renditions in the city.

We asked Do to tell us in his own words what makes the perfect gyoza. Do explains:

The perfect gyoza should boast a savoury filling, a seared side, and a number of folds in the skin. They shouldn’t be too greasy but can’t be too dry inside either. The skin should be chewy and there should be no risk of breaking the gyoza as you pick it up. The seared side should be crisp, but not too crunchy. Overall, they should be pretty to look at without any burnt blemishes.

The best gyoza in Vancouver

Selected by Hanson Do of Nosh and Nibble.

Gyoza Bar

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

“It doesn’t get much more premium than serving your gyoza in a teppan (metal griddle). Extra crispy edges and chewy skin make this a top-tier Pork Teppan Gyoza. Bonus points are awarded for the alternate choice of a shrimp filling.”

Address: 622 West Pender Street
Phone: 604-336-5563
Twitter: @GyozaBarVan

Gyoza King

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

“Another place with ‘gyoza’ in its name, this restaurant has a tasty vegetarian dumpling option available. The Popeye Gyoza features spinach, shitake mushrooms, black wood fungus, and water chestnuts.”

Address: 1508 Robson Street, West End
Phone: 604-669-8278

Ramen Gojiro

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

“This recently opened Ramen shop on Dunsmuir offers gyoza, which are pressed quite flat on one side. Boasting a thin shell, these tasty morsels are crisp on the outside and packed with a standard (yet delicious) pork filling.”

Address: 501 Dunsmuir Street
Phone: 604-673-0918

Ramen Butcher

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

“Hailing from the same parent company as Ramen Gojiro, Ramen Butcher offers gyoza that are probably the plumpest you’ll find in the city. They are available in a variety of options, like Spicy Gyoza, which are made with a pork filling and a spicy garlic paste.”

Address: 223 East Georgia Street
Phone: 604-806-4646

Ramen Danbo

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

“The skin on the dumplings at Ramen Danbo is what sets this dish apart from others out there. Although they come dangerously close to being burnt, the gyoza have the right blend of chewiness and crispiness to them.”

Address: 1833 West 4th Avenue, Kitsilano
Phone: 778-379-8977

Address: 1333 Robson Street, West End

Ramen Jinya

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

Photo courtesy of Hanson Do

“Once you flip Ramen Jinya’s dumplings over, the amount of crimping on them is quite high. A hearty pork filling is sure to put a smile on your dial.”

Address: Multiple locations (please check website)

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