Activists want Canadians to "spam" Trudeau into taking action on climate change

Oct 22 2019, 7:51 pm

He’s less than 24 hours into his new term as prime minister, but activists aren’t willing to wait any longer for what they say is immediate action that needs to be taken by Justin Trudeau on the subject of climate change.

And now, a new campaign being promoted by Greenpeace is encouraging Canadians to “spam” Trudeau with their climate concerns.

In promoting the campaign – simply titled Let’s Spam the PM – on its website, Greenpeace states that with the election now over, and Trudeau still at the helm (of a minority government) the prime minister will be working to form a new government with the other political parties.

And it’s during this process, that the group says it can “take advantage of the first hours of his mandate to set the tone for our mobilization and influence his priorities.”

As such, the group says it is giving Trudeau 48 hours to “demonstrate his political and climate courage” and announce that “addressing the climate emergency is his priority.”

And as part of this effort, the group is “calling on you to contact Justin Trudeau on all his social media channels, by phone, and email non-stop (spam him for the planet). We are determined to be heard and we’re ready to take all measures necessary.”

The group says the goal of the campaign is “the implementation of a climate emergency response plan with immediate and concrete measures that respond to the scale of the crisis.”

During his victory speech on Monday night, Trudeau said Canadians voted in favour of “strong action on climate change,” and that his party will “continue to fight climate change.”

Eric ZimmerEric Zimmer

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