Why green commodities are one of the best investments for 2021

Jun 23 2021, 4:00 am

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The investing world has evolved more in the past year than most people can remember. With the rise of crypto, NFTs, and meme stocks, the stock market is now a completely different ball game.

As the young generation of retail investors continues to set trends, the old generation is having to adapt to the new ways. But there’s a new investing trend on the horizon that combines both the old and the new worlds.

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Commodities have often been viewed as a boring investment choice, especially in contrast to the lucrative prospects of NFTs, crypto, and meme stocks. But according to the Bloomberg Commodities Index, commodities have increased over 44% in the last year.

With the rise of clean energy, electric vehicles, and environmentally-friendly products, companies are turning to a more climate-conscious way of producing commodities.

Commodities have always been a solid low-risk investment choice that can help investors hedge against inflation, but with the new green commodities sector rapidly gaining momentum, what used to be a boring industry to invest in is poised to be an exciting and lucrative new sector.

From “green hydrogen”, to “green ammonia”, and “green copper”, the traditional ways of making coal, electricity, and steel are being taken over by the new wave of clean energy.

So what exactly does “green” mean? Basically, that the production process is engineered to be environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral, meaning no greenhouse emissions.

These days, instead of using coal, producers are turning to hydrogen produced with renewable electricity. Some producers are moving towards having fossil-free steel available by 2024, and have secured future sales from companies like Mercedes Benz.

Like crypto has disrupted the banks, and NFTs the art world, the ginormous green commodities market is the way forward for commodity producers and a highly lucrative investment opportunity for investors.

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