There's now a hockey version of Wordle to play online

Jan 22 2022, 12:29 am

Love Wordle? Dig hockey? 

Then this mashup, aptly titled Gordle, is for you. 

The game is a hockey-specific spin on Wordle, the internet’s latest addictive word game, with the objective of solving mystery words in six or fewer guesses. Played on a five-by-six grid of squares, the game tells you which of the letters you’ve guessed are correct, incorrect, or placed in the wrong spot through green, yellow, and grey colour coding.

Instead of random words used in Wordle, Gordle uses the last names of hockey players, putting a unique — and difficult — spin on the addictive puzzle.

The idea was first presented by Sean McIndoe (also known as Down Goes Brown) on the Puck Soup podcast, and built by Puck Soup discord user “aasiaat.”

It’s caught on quickly with hockey fans, understandably.

Aaron VickersAaron Vickers

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