The Friendly News 2.0: We want to hear more Canadian good news stories!

Apr 20 2021, 7:00 am

The Friendly News is a collaboration between TELUS and Daily Hive. Together, we’re creating a space for important, feel-good community stories to be told, where Canadians can immerse themselves in uplifting news and articles featuring community leaders giving back during a time when we all need it most.

Last fall, we partnered with TELUS to commission Canadian writers to tell good news stories from across the country through our newly-minted The Friendly News hub.

With all of the bad news in the daily cycle, we felt like it would a breath of fresh air to highlight some of the great ways communities were coming together during COVID-19.

That callout also included giving a voice and platform to publish to freelance Canadian journalists in a time that has been very challenging for the industry.

The stories published in the first round of The Friendly News were exceptional.

From co-workers coming together to renovate a paediatric hospice to a pro athlete who created a vegan food blog to help animals to a young TikTok influencer educating her audience about Inuit culture through throat singing, we saw submissions highlighting the best of what’s happening across Canada.

Now having crossed the line into the second year of the pandemic, we need good news more than ever right now. So Daily Hive, in partnership with TELUS, is renewing its callout for writers and journalists to help tell more “Friendly News” happening in Canada.

From fashion and food to community, education, technology, wellness and news, we want to empower writers and give them a space for important, feel-good stories to be told.

TELUS and Daily Hive are inviting Canadians to help create a friendlier future, together. We want to spread positivity and friendliness throughout the country, when we need it the most.

How to submit your good news story

If you are a Canadian freelance writer or journalist, we encourage you to submit your proposal here to write a story about what you’re seeing in your community.

Journalists’ entries will be selected based on submission details and fit.

Successful submissions will be contacted to write a 500-800 word article that will be published on a national scale, and will be compensated at above-market rates.

Interested? Questions? Send an email to [email protected]

Let’s tell some good news stories Canada!

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