Gas prices in Vancouver could break four-year high as early as this week

Mar 19 2018, 5:10 pm

Gas prices at the pump are absolutely ridiculous and there doesn’t look like there’s any sign of stopping.

Prices in Vancouver reached a high of $1.54 a litre over the weekend, and according to industry expert Dan McTeague, it could quickly go even higher.

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As far as these prices in Vancouver go, “the sky is the limit”, says McTeague. With so many variables in play, including an increasing carbon tax and more expensive summer blends of gas, there’s no way to “know how high it could go.”

Image: Vincent Plana/Daily Hive

McTeague also revealed that gas could easily hit $1.55 or $1.56 a litre before the end of this week, breaking a four-year record that was set back in June of 2014. While it’s still early in the week, he expected the price to remain in the $1.50-zone, rising or dropping approximately one or two cents.

He predicts that gas could reach a record-high of $1.60 per litre anytime from April to September of this year, with no significant decreases until next fall.

The record price of gas currently sits at $1.557 per litre, a high dating back to June 22, 2014.