Metro Vancouver gas prices have hit $1.51/litre today

Mar 16 2018, 9:46 pm

It will be a pricier start to the weekend for Metro Vancouver motorists, as some gas prices in the region have returned above the $1.50 per litre mark.

Dan McTeague, a petroleum analyst with, tweeted on Thursday that prices would crack the $1.50 mark heading into the weekend.

Sure enough, that prediction came to pass in places like Port Moody and Coquitlam.

gas prices

A screenshot shows pump prices  in Port Moody on Friday. (

gas prices

A screenshot shows prices at the pump in Coquitlam on Friday. (

gas prices

A screenshot shows prices at the pump in Port Moody on Friday. (

Earlier this month, McTeague told Daily Hive the rising cost can be pinpointed on a closed refinery, as Parkland’s Burnaby plant remains under repair.

“The two US refineries that have set a one-month timetable for their maintenance are set to scale back production at the beginning of April,” he said.

McTeague also said at the time that while he didn’t know how long the Parkland plant would be out of commission for maintenance, “the longer it is, [the longer] we will have to face the price effects of two Washington refineries going through their delayed spring maintenance.”

So buckle up drivers. It looks like this pricey ride at the pumps isn’t over yet.

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