New tech summit to connect global investors to Vancouver industry leaders next week

Aug 5 2022, 8:42 pm

A new flagship event by a coalition of Vancouver tech industries will connect global investors, leaders, and stakeholders with local metaverse and Web3 leaders next week.

Frontier Summit, happening on August 9 and 10, is presented by Frontier Collective, the first organization to formally represent and promote the region’s fastest-growing tech industries.

The summit will bolster one of the group’s main goals, which is to combat the lack of early-stage investment by match-making top investors, mentors, and advisors with leading local companies.

Frontier Summit will welcome over 30 global leaders and top investors, and over 60 summit attendees are expected to attend the two-day event. Vancouver-based companies looking to create meaningful connections are encouraged to apply to attend.

According to the Frontier Collective, the summit will focus on how the metaverse can be used for good, how it can open communities to their economic potential, and how tech will continue to revolutionize our lives.

Frontier Collective

Frontier Collective (Dan Burgar/Flickr)

“Frontier technologies are thriving in this region and we see a tremendous opportunity to cement Vancouver’s position both nationally and globally,” said Dan Burgar, co-founder and CEO of the non-traditional organization. “With a recession looming, we want to host the Frontier Summit and advocate for Vancouver’s enormous potential for global players, driving investment and attention.

We also want to uncover how the metaverse and Web3 will revolutionize every industry and benefit each and every one of us, as we hit the next wave of computing and the internet.”

The Frontier Collective

Frontier Collective CEO and co-founder Dan Burgar/Submitted

Global leaders confirmed for Frontier Summit include key global leaders include:

  • Marco DeMiroz, The Venture Reality Fund
  • Amy Peck, Endeavor VR
  • Yoshiaki Tanaka, Senior Director, Softbank
  • Asako Vitous, Director, Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Eita Kitani, DM, Boston Branch, Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Sejung Yun, Investor at Colopl Ventures
  • Kimberlee Archer, Global Head of AR, Snap
  • Paisley Smith, Global Impact Lead, Unity

Key leaders at companies like Adobe, NACO, LG, Microsoft, and more will also be in attendance. They will be meeting with local tech leaders including:

  • Representatives from Dapper Labs (Vancouver unicorn)
  • Bryan Pellegrino, CEO, LayerZero Labs (Vancouver unicorn)
  • Dr. Danny Goel, CEO, Precision OS
  • Erik Ashdown, head of global ecosystem, Covalent
  • Steve Mitobe, CEO & co-founder, West Coast NFT
  • Anthonia Ogundele, CEO, Ethos Lab
  • Carol-Anne Hilton, author of Indigenomics

The Frontier Collective launched earlier this year with three key goals: promoting the local tech industry on the world stage, growing investment and infrastructure for early-stage companies, and attracting diverse talent to Vancouver.

Frontier Collective

Frontier Collective (Dan Burgar/Flickr)

Bleeding-edge technology under this umbrella includes Web3, the metaverse, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and climate tech.

The coalition also encompasses frontier technologies in creative industries such as esports, NFTs, VFX, and animation.

Note: Karm Sumal, Chair Person and co-founder of Daily Hive, is also a co-founder of Frontier Collective.

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