Building a meow-stery: Footwear-obsessed cat prowls Metro Vancouver (VIDEO)

May 26 2023, 10:03 pm

A meowstery is building in a Metro Vancouver neighbourhood after one resident’s shoes kept disappearing, and it turns out it was a footwear-obsessed cat burglar on the prowl in the night.

Daily Hive caught up with Carol Ng, a New Westminster resident in the Sapperton area who wasn’t sure what was happening with her shoes until she adjusted and reviewed some surveillance footage.

The total value of all the shoes Ng has lost amounts to up to $300.

Ng initially thought it was a raccoon, you know, those nocturnal mammals that actually look like bandits, but it was a cat burglar who was the main paw-pertrator, as you can see in this video submitted by Ng:

Ng told Daily Hive the cat took a pair of white Teva sandals, a pair of black Nike flip-flops, one right-foot black male flip-flop, one right-foot black Croc nursing shoe, and one red sandal.

As a result of this cat’s thievery, Ng has elected to put the footwear in shoe boxes for now.

“I’m assuming it’s a neighbourhood cat, so likely in someone’s backyard,” Ng said, referring to where her shoes might be.

While this meowstery may be cute, Ng still hopes someone answers where this footwear-obsessed cat has hidden her belongings.

If you have any tips, let us know, and we can pass along the information to Ng to hopefully identify this cat burglar and get her shoes back.

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