Time is money: Canadian company paying job candidates for interviews

Mar 14 2022, 4:39 pm

A Toronto non-profit has introduced a game-changing new hiring strategy: paying interviewees for their time.

FoodShare recently announced its plans to pay job candidates $75 for an interview. This new strategy is not for lack of applicants but recognizing that preparing for and completing an interview is work.

“Preparing for a job interview is labour, and candidates may even have to take time off work to attend an interview,” Paul Taylor, executive director at FoodShare, tweeted.

Not only will candidates get a $75 fee for their interview, but they will also be compensated if their interview requires any sort of presentation or assignment they have to do. They will be compensated based on the hourly rate that the position and related assignment is associated with.

They’re not just compensating interviewees fairly; FoodShare also offers a $24 per hour minimum wage and 20 sick days for every employee.

FoodShare is a leading voice calling out decades of food insecurity in Toronto. The organization is at the forefront of labour movements, food movements and social justice movements in the city. Find out more, or learn about how you can support FoodShare here.


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