Fol Epi in Victoria to close its Yates Street location this weekend

May 10 2023, 6:17 pm

It’s been a rough few years for the hospitality industry, and one Victoria cafe and bakery has decided to call it quits.

Fol Epi, the cozy spot known for its organic and seasonal offerings, has shared that it plans to permanently close its Yates Street location as of this Sunday, May 14.

In an Instagram post shared earlier this week, the cafe explained that it had “stacked up a lot of debt getting through Covid and now it’s time to pay it back and the economy is not as strong as we had all hoped.”

“More and more people are on limited budgets, it’s a tough time doing business…capitalism sucks,” the cafe added.

The 732 Yates Street spot will be handed over to a “new project in a similar style,” Fol Epi shares, but the closing still comes as quite the blow to the community.

“We want to thank each staff member and customer that helped create something special that will leave a lasting legacy within our industry, in Victoria and beyond,” the announcement said.

Fol Epi will continue to operate its Dockside location in West Victoria, where the original bakery is located, and will focus on bread production and wholesaling going forward.


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