Metro Vancouver could see fireballs as a meteor shower peaks tonight

Nov 4 2021, 5:36 pm

We may be in store for a bit of a light show, and weā€™re not talking about the aurora borealis.Ā The first portion of a two-part meteor shower is set to peak tonight.

The Southern Taurids are expected to reach peak activity on Thursday, November 4, into the early hours of Friday, November 5, according to the American Meteor Society (AMS).

You should be able to see about four meteors each hour no matter your location, according to the AMS.

The forecast for Vancouver may be less than ideal for our viewing pleasure, but there is still a chance to see some fireballs.

According to Environment Canada, there’s a good chance of rain tonight and more showers for tomorrow.

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Vancouver Forecast/Environment Canada

The moon is also giving us a bit of a break, being 0% full during the peak of the Southern Taurids.

ā€œThe Taurids (both branches) are rich in fireballs and are often responsible for increased numbers of fireball reports from September through November,ā€ said the AMS.

The second of the two showers, the Northern Taurids, is set to peak later this month around November 11 and 12. Mark your calendars!

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