Canada's federal minimum wage rises to $15 per hour this month

Dec 17 2021, 6:35 pm

Workers who earn minimum in federally-regulated industries are getting a raise at the end of this month.

As of December 29, Canada’s federal minimum wage is rising to $15 per hour. In provinces that already have a higher minimum wage, the higher wage will apply.

“Canada’s economic prosperity depends on every Canadian having a fair chance to succeed. The new $15 per hour federal minimum wage will support thousands of workers, lift more Canadians out of poverty, and support our economic recovery,” Labour Minister Seamus O’Regan Jr. said in a Friday news release.

Federally regulated industries include air travel, banking, commercial trucking, port services, radio and television broadcasting, rail, telecommunications, and mining. Both public and private sector workers in these industries will make the $15 per hour.

Right now, the Government of Canada estimates 26,000 federally-regulated workers across the country make less than $15 per hour. The majority of them live in Ontario or Quebec.

The largest portion of workers earning less than $15 per hour work in transport, (34% non-road, 23% road), followed by telecommunications and broadcasting (19%), postal workers (12%), and banks (12%).

The government announced the rise in wage would be coming earlier this year.

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