Regular service resumes on Expo Line after tunnel flooding

Dec 12 2018, 8:28 am

TransLink provided an update late this afternoon at approximately 4:30 pm that regular service on the Expo Line is now resuming. Columbia Station has also reopened.

The flooded section of tunnel at Columbia Station has been cleared of water using pumps.

The service disruptions began shortly after 2 pm, due to torrential rainfall throughout much of the day.

While regular service has now resumed, it may take some time for trains to reach their regular scheduled frequency and to clear the significant crowds.

The shuttle bus bridges that were put into place will continue to operate to help disperse the backlog.

The public transit authority also released a photo showing the extent of the flooding in the tunnel. The water level completely submerged the track and reached the height of the emergency walkway for passengers.

Heavy rainfall today also led to localized flooding in city streets, parking lots, and other low-lying areas vulnerable to flooding in the region.

TransLink says some bus routes are taking detours to avoid flooded streets.

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