Enhanced security measures at Canadian airports begin for US-bound flights

Jul 19 2017, 8:01 pm

Canada’s major airlines are advising passengers to arrive to airports early if they are flying to the US.

As of July 19, WestJet advised that the US Department of Homeland Security will begin implementing enhanced security measures for everyone flying into the US.

The advisory encourages travellers to get to the airport “a minimum of two hours prior” to scheduled departure to allow for additional screening time. A similar advisory is posted on Air Canada’s website.

According to the airlines, the additional security measures will now include heightened inspection of personal electronic devices such as tablets and laptops, which may affect the time it takes to get through security.

Passengers will now have to ensure that any electronics “larger than a smartphone” are accessible, and have cases or covers removed.

The US Department of Homeland Security said that “in light of evaluated intelligence,” they have determined it necessary to implement the new enhanced security measures. The new requirements take place in 105 countries and 280 airports.

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