Mandatory EV chargers proposed for all parking stalls in new Vancouver residences

Mar 13 2018, 3:10 am

Electric vehicle charging stations will be required for all parking stalls in new residential buildings if Vancouver City Council approves a proposal by City staff Wednesday.

The plan would enact new construction standards requiring developers to install charging station equipment for every stall in new multi-family buildings. But there will be no mandatory requirement for visitor stalls as the benefit to residents and stratas will not only be minimal but could also be costly.

According to a City staff report, the transition to electric vehicles will help Vancouver meet its climate targets, improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, and help residents and businesses save money over the long run.

Our goal is to be 100 per cent renewably powered by 2050 but we can’t do it without providing the infrastructure people need in order to make the transition to electric vehicles cost-effective and practical,” said Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson in a statement.

“Vancouver is already home to the largest public EV charging network in the province and I urge Council to approve this report so that we can take our EV infrastructure to the next level.”

The City anticipates electric vehicle chargers will cost up to $300 per parking stall for a new building, significantly lower than the $4,000 cost of retrofitting a parking stall in an existing building in the future.

Vancouver already requires developers to install electric vehicle charging stations into a portion of the parking stalls. A 2009 approved policy stipulates 20% of parking stalls for multi-unit residential buildings, 10% of commercial buildings, and each garage or carport for a single-family attached and detached residence.

Some municipalities in BC also have varying requirements, and Vancouver’s proposed new requirements would align with the City of Richmond, which requires chargers for all new stalls in new residential buildings.

In addition to the new building code policy, City staff are seeking City Council’s approval for $750,000 in additional funding to install electric vehicle charging stations at various locations across Vancouver. The locations include Science World, empire Fields, South Hill Business Improvement Association, the new downtown park at the corner of Richards and Smithe streets, and three community centres at Trout Lake, Killarney, and Dunbar.

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