Edmonton may have the most hilarious police Twitter account in Canada

Jan 25 2018, 6:54 pm

Most people see their local police as a strict and serious arm of the law, but every now and then it’s nice to see that, behind the badges and bullet-proof vests, they’re actual people, too.

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There’s no better opportunity for police departments to let that personality shine than through their social media accounts, and while law enforcement is usually not a laughing matter, a few accounts manage to hit the mark when they get the chance.

One such account is that of the Edmonton Police Service, which has a habit of writing short poems, quoting dated songs, and making the occasional – and hilarious – pop-culture reference.

They were at it earlier this month, when 75 cars crashed in just four hours due to icy road conditions, which their Twitter account likened to Mario Kart:

Here’s how they reminded people not to drink and fly drive on Halloween:

And it’s clear that whoever is behind that Twitter account is certainly a fan of rhymes:

Not to mention their… interesting taste in music:

The Edmonton Police Service does have some competition, however, as the York Regional Police’s Twitter account has had a few gems, especially this video on why you should give a “puck” about those you share the road with:

And, of course, there are the times when police Twitter accounts are accidentally hilarious, like what happened in December for the police in Toronto:

The original tweet had stated that a naked male was being pursued by police near Woodbine Station, but the account had to make a correction as the man wasn’t completely naked…

Good on these accounts for having a sense of humour, even when dealing with such dangerous – and adult – daily subject matter.

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