13 of the craziest tweets from ScanBC this year

Mar 30 2017, 8:24 pm

A lot of crazy things can happen in a city as big as Vancouver.

While most crime is heartbreaking, sinister, and downright wrong, sometimes there can be calls for police that are amusingly unusual.

Thanks to the Twitter account @ScanBC —which reports on all sorts of police involvement in Vancouver—many of these ridiculous situations are tweeted out for all to enjoy.

Here’s just a few of the various things Vancouverites have gotten themselves up to in 2017.

Check please!

Worst. Party. Ever.

*Cue training montage music*

His mom never should’ve gotten him that Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle for Christmas.

If I were the cops I wouldn’t be messing with this guy.

Someone took a bit too much pre-workout.

Call it a Canadian Break and Enter.

March 17… St. Paddy’s Day… checks out. 

Three days after Valentine’s Day? Yeah, you’re in trouble my friend.

Let the man do his job!

If you can’t do the time (out), don’t do the crime.

Oh Vancouver, Vancouver, Vancouver…

“I’m telling!” 

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