Campaign seeks to have ‘The Dude’ sculpture brought back to Dude Chilling Park

Apr 23 2019, 11:29 pm

A new chapter in the Dude Chilling Park story has begun.

If you’ve followed along with the dramatic events, then you’d know that the park’s official name is Guelph Park and that the park has been without its signature sculpture since 2017.

There’s also been a lot of people with no chill in Vancouver as the park’s sign has also been the victim of a theft, twice.

Now, the Vancouver Art House Society is running a fundraising campaign with the hopes of raising $20,000 to get their beloved “The Dude” back to its rightful home, in Dude Chilling Park in East Vancouver.

The sculpture, officially called Reclining Figure, was created by artist Michael Dennis and has been a mainstay of the park since 1991.

“The Dude” was sculpted out of natural cedar wood and had been battered by the elements quite a lot over the years. The sculpture was removed from the park in 2017 and transported to Denman Island for the artist to repair.

The sculpture was cast in bronze to help stop the deterioration but it now needs to be transported back from the island to Dude Chilling Park.

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The funds raised through the campaign will go towards the cost of the bronze cast, transportation of the sculpture and the re-installation of the art piece. Also included in the costs is the artist fees and the long term maintenance needed for the sculpture.

If you want to donate to help bring ‘The Dude’ back to Dude Chilling Park you can do so online.

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