Drivers are really struggling with a new roundabout in Langley (VIDEO)

Mar 1 2022, 7:52 pm

We’ve all seen some bad driving, but drivers are really being thrown for a loop by a new traffic circle in Langley.

And Chris Wiggins is catching all of the ridiculousness on video.

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Chris Wiggins

Wiggins, who co-hosts a morning radio show at Country 107.1 in Abbotsford, says construction crews opened the roundabout over a week ago in a new development.

And since then, chaos has ensued.

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“The construction workers are there, you know, trying to help out as best as they can. But yeah, there are certainly some people that are having a tough time with it. People going the wrong way, people driving past each other very, very closely.”

Wiggins and his fiancé have found the mishaps so entertaining that they started recording to send back to family in Ontario.

“Well, I mean, you get bad drivers everywhere. And I think we’ve all sort of, you know, been a bad driver once or twice in our life. But, yeah, I certainly see a lot of it. I am not going to call out all BC drivers but, there certainly are a few.”

Wiggins says there have been no accidents, but there have been some close calls.

He says he’s been hearing from people in the US, Australia, and Europe who all have thoughts.

“In Europe, where traffic circles and roundabouts are so popular and have three, four or five lanes, they’re laughing at us struggling with one lane. So, it’s been pretty funny to see some comments from around the world.

How to successfully use a traffic circle

If you, or someone you know, might need some help with using a traffic circle, ICBC has some advice.

  • As you approach the roundabout, slow down and watch for signs to help you select which lane you need to be in.
  • You’ll see crosswalks on the entry legs to the roundabout. You need to yield to any pedestrians or cyclists in the crosswalk and be sure you don’t block it.
  • Yield to traffic that’s already inside the roundabout—it has the right of way.
  • Drive counter-clockwise within the asphalt lane.
  • There is usually a raised or coloured apron around the centre island in the roundabout. It’s there for large trucks and emergency vehicles only. Stay off that area.
  • Keep moving while you’re in the roundabout. If an emergency vehicle approaches, don’t block its path.
  • When you’re leaving the roundabout, signal a right turn just before you exit. That lets drivers waiting to enter the roundabout and pedestrians waiting to cross know your intentions.
  • Look to the left and yield to pedestrians crossing the exit lane. Enter when it is safe to do so.
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